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В интернет-магазине Anisky.ru представлены лучшие коллекции женской одежды, обуви и аксессуаров, а также косметики и парфюмов ведущих мировых брендов.

Доступные цены, большое разнообразие скидок и акций позволят Вам всегда соответствовать самым актуальным тенденциям моды:

  • Часы настольные Umbra sometime

    Часы настольные Umbra sometime

    2200 RUB
    Часы настольные Umbra sometime белый/натуральное дерево
  • Umbra Часы настольные Sometime

    Umbra Часы настольные Sometime

    2290 RUB
    Кварцевый механизм.
  • Some Love, Some Pain, Sometime

    Some Love, Some Pain, Sometime

    1716 RUB
    Some Love, Some Pain, Sometime
  • Часы настольные Umbra SomeTime

    Часы настольные Umbra SomeTime

    2200 RUB
    Часы уже давно перестали быть предметом исключительно практического назначения. Сегодня они являются еще и отличным элементом декора, который вполне может стать настоящей изюминкой вашего интерьера. Разнообразие форм, цветов и стилистических решений способны удовлетворить вкус даже самых требовательных и взыскательных покупателей. Часы настольные Umbra SomeTime практичная модель, которая станет отличным дополнением вашего домашнего или офисного интерьера. Настольные часы оснащены кварцевым механизмом, который обеспечит их качественную и бесперебойную работу. Питание осуществляется за счет батарейки типа АА в комплект не входят . Оригинальный дизайн часов и бесшумный ход не будет вас отвлекать от важных дел. Оцените главные достоинства часов минималистский, но очень стильный дизайн; благородное сочетание белого металлического циферблата и подставки из натурального дерева; долговечный кварцевый механизм; оригинальная форма. Красивые и стильные настольные часы поместятся в любом уголке вашего дома или офиса. Данная модель обязательно придется вам по душе, ведь в них великолепно сочетаются практичность и необычный дизайн.
  • Постельное белье Primavelle Самтайм Семейное

    Постельное белье Primavelle Самтайм Семейное

    2850 RUB
    Материал: 100% хлопок, бязь. Плотность, г/кв.м: 115. Размер Примавелль Sometime: Семейное
  • Платье на бретельках See You Sometime
  • Платье на бретельках See You Sometime
  • R5 R5. Sometime Last Night. Special Edition
  • Джон Леннон,Йоко Оно John & Yoko, Plastic Ono Band. Sometime In NYC (2 CD)
  • A study of derivations in rings

    A study of derivations in rings

    4839 RUB
    New book on Derivations in rings. The theory of derivations and automorphisms plays an important role not only in ring theory, but also in functional analysis, linear differential equations concerning the question of innerness and outerness, for instance, the classical Noether-Skolem theorem yields the solution of the problem for finite dimensional central simple algebras. At places, examples are provided to justify the conditions imposed on the hypothesis of various results. Also suitable remarks are given sometime to explain the theory and sometime to conjecture the possible extensions of the results. In the end, an exhaustive references of the existing material related to the subject matter of our thesis is included which may serve as source material for those, interested in the domain of our research.
  • Emotional Intelligence with Adjustment, Stress and Achievement

    Emotional Intelligence with Adjustment, Stress and Achievement

    6890 RUB
    Most of the adolescence students whether they are intelligent or under achievers may feel the stress and maladjustment in their own personal environment, family environment and social environment which results in less achievement or sometime suicide. so it is important to develop their emotional intelligence at right time which may lead them to live happy life. Education system should not to completely rely on intellectual aspect of the child it should replenish their emotional aspects too.
  • Political and Social Affairs of Iran

    Political and Social Affairs of Iran

    6690 RUB
    Emerging an idea is considered as initial step in every action but to materialize is another crucial stage, which sometime requires others'' assistance. In this case, the authors would like to express their gratitude to the Assoc. Prof.Dr. Zaid B.Ahmad Dean of Faculty of Human Ecology and Prof.Dr. Jayom Jawan Deputy Dean whom had motivated and provided them with necessary assistance in accomplishing of this book.
  • Calamity Jane

    Calamity Jane

    2304 RUB
    Martha Jane Cannary was a bona fide frontierswoman, a professional scout, a drunk, and sometime whore, doing whatever it took to stay alive in the hardscrabble days of American expansion.Writer Christian Perrissin (El Nino, Cape Horn) joins forces with Alph-Art-winning artist Matthieu Blanchin to tackle the legend of this formidable prairie girl and her daring life alongside the likes of Buffalo Bill Cody and Wild Bill Hickok.
  • Mainstreaming of children rescued from child labour

    Mainstreaming of children rescued from child labour

    3549 RUB
    This book is about the journey of children who were sometime back engaged in child labour activities but now they are rescued and are enrolled in schools to complete their primary education according to the norms of RTE. This book also talks about what problems they faced during this whole process and how they overcomes these problems. This book also covers the fall backs and amendments needed in RTE so that it can make required changes in education system of India.
  • Feelings Leadership

    Feelings Leadership

    4839 RUB
    I was started my research only with one thinking “How we feel and understand sadness or happiness of others, why our eyes sometime filled with tears, when we see others crying or sad, why we cheer up when we see others happy, why we bless others, why we care for others, why we become sad when we watch sad seen in movies, why we motivate when we watch something exciting and meaningful in movies, why, why and why??” these are the big questions front of us. My common answer which support to all these questions is “when situation is common between two or more than two people they completely understand each other, because their brains neurons handling same situation. Some time may be feelings for other because of past common situation of us is the present situation of someone or may be sometime we think if that situation on me what I would do. Hence common situation either good or bad doesn’t matter but common situation people show strong feelings about each other with respecting emotions and feelings of each others and this is because “common situation setup brain-to-brain link between people through which they understand feelings and emotions of each other”.
  • Human Activity Monitoring Using Smartphone

    Human Activity Monitoring Using Smartphone

    3549 RUB
    The main aim was to develop an algorithm which will classify the activity performed by a human who is carrying a smart phone. The day to day life made humans very busy at work and during daily activities, mostly elderly people who are at home have an important need to monitor their activity by others when they are alone, if they are inactive for a long time without movement, or in some situations like if they have fallen down, became unconscious for sometime or seized with a cardiac arrest etc… will help the observer to know the state of activity of person being monitored. In this project we develop an algorithm to know the activity of a person using accelerometer available in Smartphone.
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